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lab 7


well exposed 7404-20170322

under exposed 7405-20170322

over esposed

I find that the best exposed image is the over exposed image, to me it looks the best using the white background, it gives the image a sort of glow to it with the white background and has a lighter feel to it.

7406-20170322Screen Shot 2017-03-22 at 10.01.42Screen Shot 2017-03-22 at 10.02.03

the image with more noise is easily the under exposed image

7408-20170322Screen Shot 2017-03-22 at 10.05.08Screen Shot 2017-03-22 at 10.05.16

The jpeg image has a better tone to it and has a lot less noise while the raw image contains a lot more detail.


Lab 5

7336-20170308Screen Shot 2017-03-08 at 09.32.227343-20170308Screen Shot 2017-03-08 at 09.32.347344-20170308Screen Shot 2017-03-08 at 09.32.44

a.According to my histogram the pixels on the high key image fall in the middle but closer to the right hand side.

b.There is one area that would not print with detail on my high key image and that is some of the small black dots on the back of the book

c. According to my histogram on the low-key image most of the pixels are on the left hand side.

d.There is no area that you would not be able to see with detail from a print in the low-key image.

e.In the varied tone image Most of the pixels are on the left side of the histogram.

f. Some of the little holes in the wall would not print with detail because of how small they are and how they are not the main item in focus

g. Yes i do, the histogram shows proper rages that follow the colour schemes of the images .  It keeps all the colours and tones in the correct spots.

H. The varied tone image shows the most dynamic range, the histogram is completely spread out while the other two histograms are very condensed.




auto white balance7193-20170215

custom white balance7194-20170215

white balance preset: Tungsten 7208-20170215

auto white balance7209-20170215

shade white balance 7210-20170215

florecent white balance7215-20170215

for this photo I used shade white balance, it give the photo a very green snd yellow tint to it giving a sort of basement vibe to it, it makes it feel like somewhere a janitor would be working.


Assignment 1


i would have preferred to shoot this image with a shadow depth of field, the background is too busy and takes away from the image20170214-manual-2-5-sec-at-f-4-0-iso-100


i think this photo is great and is perfect for what i was going for it was just a bit much to cary around a metal tripod in the freezing cold it made the image harder to take20170212-manual-1-4000-sec-at-f-4-5-iso-800

i wish i could have had the street more entered but the street was so busy that would have been impossible



i wish that the back of the car was in focus with the rest of it





With a short focal length the faces are not very readable you can’t see much emotion but in the last photo with full focal length you can see the peoples facial expressions perfectly.





You can see with the shorter the focal length gets the closer the items seem to get because the “retrolux” becomes more and more in focus. The retrolux also becomes more in focus as the focal length gets shorter



55mm   f/4.07061-20170208

55mm  f/4.57062-20170208

55mm  f/5.07063-20170208

55mm  f/5.67064-20170208

55mm  f/6.37065-20170208

55mm  f/ 7.17066-20170208

55mm  f/8.07067-20170208

55mm   f/9.0


At lower focal points i found that some of the lines would blend and make it look like a single shape instead of a bunch of lines, at longer focal lengths the image tends to be more clear and the lines are more visible.




Shallow DOF:  1/80 sec   f/5.6     iso 800

the background in this photo is very obscured it completely whites out where the window is, blurs the text on the camera a bit blurs the seats and makes the poster on the wall un readable. It makes the image  focus on the shoe a lot more because the Shallow DOF removes the extremely blurry background. I believe this is the most affective image


1/30 sec    f/11   iso 800

this image the background is still blurry but a lot of things start t0 get focused on like the camera, the lettering on it is completely visible and in focus but the chair and poster are still out of focus.


Deep DOF:  1/8 sec  F22   iso 800

This is the deep DOF, here the lines of the seat are visible the outside area is visible and the poster now becomes visible. All this makes the background very distracting and takes away from the shoe.


1/3200 sec   F4.5   iso800


1/100 sec   F25     iso 800


1/100 sec  F25   iso 800

this photo looks very busy and the background has a lot of trees in it that are large and they start to become the main focus of the image.



In this photo the model is clearly the main focus of the image and all the trees blend into each other and make for a very nice bright brown background that contrast well against the grey that he is wearing.